5 Ways to Enjoy Rainy Season in Panama

5 Ways to Enjoy Rainy Season in Panama

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People visiting Panama during its Rainy Season in Panama might be worried, but you will still enjoy plenty of sun in most locations.

Rain showers usually last only an hour or two in the afternoon in Panama City Beach and its surroundings, and its rainforest hikes and beautiful beaches remain plentiful. Rainfall usually only lasts an hour or two per afternoon.

1. Go to the Mall

Panamanian Rainy Season in Panama might derail beach days or rainforest hikes, but that doesn’t have to mean less fun for you! Instead of fighting Panama’s confusing one-way road system and traffic congestion (plus possible road closures or diversions), take advantage of their excellent public transport system – one three-in-one Rapi-pass will get you on buses and the Metro train all for less than the price of taxi.

Panama’s capital offers many cultural and culinary attractions that can be appreciated year-round, even during high season when sun-seekers head for the Pacific coast. Visit Miraflores Locks of Panama Canal’s Miraflores Locks Visitor’s Center; enjoy Frank Gehry-designed Biomuseo; wander Casco Viejo streets or wander Feria de Flores y Cafe (January) or Las Tablas Carnival (April).

2. Go to IMAX Cinema

Panama’s rainforest environment is one of the main draws to visiting, yet rainy season can hinder some outdoor activities. Though this may be true of other tropical nations, Panama boasts numerous indoor attractions that can make an otherwise enjoyable trip experience even better.

Dave & Buster’s is an enjoyable way to pass time during rainy days in Panama City Beach. This 40,000 square-foot establishment offers wall-to-wall video games, prizes, a restaurant and flat screen TVs showing all major sports events – the perfect destination for families! Bring along kids as this attraction provides hours of amusement.

Pier Park’s Grand IMAX theater provides another option for movie-watching, offering comfortable reclining seats and the latest 3D capabilities. There’s even a bar where you can grab drinks or food while watching a flick! During the year, there are also special events held here including Brew and Boo Beer Fest in October; Mall-O-Ween safe trick-or-treat event; Shrimp Crab Oyster Festival (November); as well as Christmas event at the end of December!

3. Go to Pier Park

Panama is a tropical country, so the rainy season (commonly known as “green season”) plays an essential part of its ecology and contributes to Panama’s beautiful vegetation; yet this can put an end to certain outdoor activities.

The peak season runs from mid-December to April, when many northern visitors descend upon Panama’s sun-kissed Pacific coast. During this period are also celebrated several major national holidays like Dia de la Independencia in November, Christmas, and Easter.

But for those seeking luxury and looking to avoid crowds, Panama still offers plenty of activities during its rainy season. Museums and historic enclaves make an excellent way to pass time on rainy days; or visit Panama City’s Multiplaza mall which features fun activities for children like games and mini cars in addition to offering top-of-the-line shopping facilities and one of Central America’s premier 3D theaters!

4. Go to The Wicked Wheel Bar & Grill

Panama City Beach restaurant/bar The Wicked Wheel features some incredible decor! Their real hotrod leans against the wall with a skeleton at its wheel; an old fuel pump; cut down motorcycles used as bar stools; and other unique decor items will surely impress friends back home! Their menu offers Southern-inspired fare such as nachos, BBQ shrimp, country fried steak and homemade pot pie for guests to try.

Rainy season in Panama is low tourist season, offering opportunities to save on hotels and activities while seeing breeding humpback whales at Parc National Coiba and Bocas del Toro as well as enjoying Panama’s music scene at Feria de Flores y Cafe.

5. Go to Gulf World Marine Park

Gulf World Marine Park in Panama City provides an adventure that’s more hands-on than relaxing on the beach, featuring over 2,000 species of aquatic life including fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds. Tours are offered for a nominal fee and souvenir photographs can also be purchased!

Rainy season in Panama is low tourism season, offering great deals on flights and accommodations. Plus, this is also the ideal time for seeing nesting loggerhead and green sea turtles off its Caribbean coastline!

Though tropical storms may make certain outdoor activities impossible, smart travelers understand that rainfall is what keeps Panama lush. Even during its most intense periods, rainstorms usually last for only hours at most, providing plenty of opportunities to experience everything this country has to offer if you come prepared. You can still visit its beautiful beaches and explore cities and towns while dining for reasonable prices – don’t let a little rain put a damper on your plans!

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