Best Places to Live in Panama

Best Places to Live in Panama

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Panama is an increasingly attractive retirement and digital nomad destination thanks to its tropical climate, affordability, easy residency programs, healthcare infrastructure, and modern amenities. But which area in Panama should one choose for living, considering the Best Places to Live in Panama?

Panama provides plenty of choices, whether it is leisurely beach days with an emphasis on relaxation and rejuvenation, or mountainous terrain filled with trails and forests – both will leave you satisfied!

Chitre and Las Tablas

Chitre and Las Tablas provide an authentic Panama experience, located an hour north of Coronado within the crater of an extinct volcano. Both towns are popular destinations among expats because of their beautiful natural scenery and cooler climate; additionally they boast many amenities and are close enough to Panama City for entertainment or international travel.

Both cities are welcoming to expats and offer an excellent quality of life, even though they do not boast full beaches like Pedasi and Casco Viejo. Even so, nice beaches can still be reached easily within a couple of minutes in either town, showcasing why they are considered among the Best Places to Live in Panama. Additionally, both cities are also cost-effective with new Panama-style homes available for less than $100,000. Moreover, midsize grocery stores, pharmacies, hardware stores, and doctors’ offices are conveniently within walking distance of both locations.

Chitre and Boquete may experience less rainfall and temperatures, yet both cities still offer stunning natural beauty and serenity. Chitre’s inhabitants are welcoming and welcoming; making the town enjoyable to live in. Bocas del Toro offers more of a Miami-like retirement environment in tropical island surroundings; alternatively Panama City may prove too overcrowded or unsafe at night for some individuals.


Pedasi has quickly earned itself a growing reputation over the past ten years as one of the Best Places to Live in Panama, not just as an attractive travel destination. Among Panamanians, foreigners, and local expats alike, Pedasi is increasingly sought after. While there are a handful of restaurants and a supermarket here, no major developments are present to disturb its natural beauty; therefore, Pedasi still retains a uniquely Panamanian feel, where locals welcome adventurous visitors with open arms.

North America and Europe expats who have discovered the joys of beach living have also discovered its simple pleasures here, where everything from groceries to dining out, transportation and entertainment costs can be enjoyed at reasonable rates.

Pedasi draws people with its comfortable climate. With year-round moderate temperatures and beautiful beaches to walk along, Pedasi provides easy and comfortable living throughout the year – no need for air conditioning here!

Many expats have built homes in and around Pedasi. Those wishing to reside closer to town can find attractive lots for sale with prices dropping further away from town. You could also choose one of the local communities nearby as renting an option.

Santa Fe

Panama City, the capital of Panama, is an increasingly vibrant metropolis that provides everything imaginable from nightlife and culture. If nightlife is what draws you here, however, apartment rents may not be suitable as these costs tend to be high.

Boquete, a mountain town known for its pleasant Spring-like climate, and well-known for fruit and flower production that attracts many committed farmers has also proven popular with expats living there. Boquete offers small expat communities near towns such as Chitre and Las Tablas for living life to its fullest.

Coronado, a small beach town that has become increasingly popular with expats, offers another appealing retirement destination. Situated on Panama’s western side near both its airport and Panama City, Coronado’s affordable living costs and relaxed lifestyle make it a top pick among retirees.

Panama also boasts several smaller communities that have become increasingly popular among expats as some of the Best Places to Live in Panama. These areas offer a more traditional feel and are more cost-effective compared to the capital city. Moreover, these communities organize various activities such as bridge nights, trivia nights, newcomers’ happy hour events, Rotary and Lions groups, and hiking groups, which significantly contribute to making life in Panama much more enjoyable and convenient for residents.

Panama City

Panama City is an electrifying capital with all of the amenities of modern metropolises, including an underground subway system. It makes an excellent home base for expats seeking new cultures and urban environments; furthermore, Panama City ranks among one of Latin America’s safest cities.

At the same time, however, living costs in Panama City are considerably higher and a couple will need at least $1000 monthly in order to live comfortably. Furthermore, the city boasts many upscale neighborhoods such as Punta Pacifica which provides luxury real estate with stunning ocean views.

Panama City may attract many expats, but there are other places you can escape its bustle if desired and discover the Best Places to Live in Panama. These small towns can offer you an authentic Panamanian experience while providing lower living costs. For instance, Pedasi offers charming beach town living at competitive rates, coupled with easy access to nearby mountains and forests.

Chitre and Las Tablas is another top destination for expats seeking an escape from Panama City beaches, known for its many day and overnight hiking trails, tourism hub, shopping options and entertainment offerings for residents as well as lower living costs compared to Panama City.

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