Corporate and Personal Offshore Bank Accounts in Panama

Difference Between Corporate and Personal Offshore Bank Accounts in Panama

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Panama provides various bank accounts suitable for corporate and individual use, including general license banks, international license banks and representative offices.

Establishing an offshore account can have both positive and negative connotations; opening one often carries with it the stigma of tax evasion and money laundering, especially if its country of residence appears on a blacklist of countries implicated in money laundering activities.


Panama stands amongst the leading international banking centers, alongside Hong Kong, Switzerland and Singapore.

Renowned for its stringent bank secrecy laws and tax-efficient solutions for offshore banking and company formation; Panama boasts one of the best solutions available today for offshore banking and company formation.

Panama operates under a territorial system where residents and non-residents alike are only taxed for income that originates in Panama, while businesses engaging in commercial activities and rendering services within its borders are taxed at 25% on royalties, commissions, fees and interest payments withheld from invoices as taxes due.

Offshore private banking tends to be more accessible to individuals with higher incomes; however, simple savings accounts are available to anyone and charge scale fees comparable to onshore accounts.

Offshore deposits tend to be less secure than their onshore counterparts; during 2008’s global financial crisis many savers who had their money deposited offshore lost significant amounts whereas savers who deposited with onshore banks were repaid their funds in full.

An individual or corporation can open an offshore bank account in Panama by submitting the necessary documentation, such as an apostille passport and reference letters. Unfortunately, this process takes time due to travel requirements; to save time it is often prudent to prepare and submit all needed documents in advance to avoid unnecessary delays during visit.


An account in Panama requires extensive paperwork. Due diligence requirements are in place to protect banks against money laundering and terrorist financing; banks will ask for documents regarding your company, signatories and their background (passports or second ID documents like driving licenses/national ID cards from within three months should suffice); proof of address/funds sources as well.

The main shareholder and signatory must attend an in-person interview with the bank, typically held in Panama. At this meeting, copies will be made of relevant documentation including passport copies.

Companies often open merchant accounts alongside corporate bank accounts in order to accept credit or debit card payments from customers worldwide. Panama boasts a vibrant banking sector with many international and regional banks available for any business needs; banking secrecy laws and attractive tax policies make Panama a favorite investment and entrepreneurial destination, and Delvalle & Delvalle can assist your venture by setting up your offshore corporate or personal bank account there.


Panama has long been recognized as an offshore banking hub. Companies and individuals seeking to open an account there to manage their assets freely find it one of the premier destinations.

There is a lengthy list of requirements needed in order to open one successfully; however, by working with an experienced firm such as Caporaso & Partners you may find most hurdles can be cleared away quickly and effortlessly.

When opening a corporate bank account in Panama, several documents will need to be provided as proof of the nature of business; copies of passports for shareholders and members; income tax declarations and income tax payments made; as well as possibly providing letters of reference from existing banks in Panama.

Panama may have a reputation as a trusted and safe jurisdiction for offshore banking; however, there are a few risks to keep in mind. Personal income tax laws in the US and other countries require individuals who earn interest from foreign bank accounts to report it for tax purposes.

Furthermore, Panama’s underfunded pension system and ballooning state payroll make it susceptible to future ratings downgrades that could damage its future rating status.

However, by doing your research carefully and choosing wisely among the banks that you consider opening an offshore account in Panama is achievable with minimal hassle and difficulties. While the process is more challenging than in Europe or North America, it still ranks higher than most other offshore banking jurisdictions.

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Panama banks provide a range of services to both residents and non-residents alike, categorized into general license banks that conduct banking in and out of Panama; international license banks that conduct offshore banking business; representative offices; and general and international license banks that conduct domestic or offshore banking business (total of 47 general and 26 offshore banks in Panama).

Due diligence documentation typically required in order to open accounts includes proof of address documentation; valid passport or national ID document, reference letter from home country bank as well as copies of work contracts or income tax declaration forms from employers/employers respectively.

Panama puts great emphasis on banking privacy and has strict secrecy laws to protect customers and prevent disclosure. These regulations impose severe penalties for disclosing information to third parties such as the US Treasury or IRS and prevent banks from sharing account details abroad – an attractive feature for investors and entrepreneurs who wish to freely manage their assets.

Panama is therefore becoming increasingly attractive as an investment destination.

Delvalle & Delvalle’s offshore banking services in Panama can assist individuals and businesses alike to attain financial security and growth. We work closely with local partners to make your experience the best it can be – our team is always at hand to guide your journey toward your goals!

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