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Explore the San Blas Islands of Panama

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The San Blas Islands are an undiscovered paradise found within Guna Yala, an independent indigenous territory of Panama. Kuna people reside on this archipelago of 365 islands – some are so small you could walk around them in two minutes!

Take a day trip or stay overnight on one of the remote islands – just remember to pack reef-safe sunscreen as generic brands contain chemicals that damage coral.

Day Trips

Those short on time who wish to experience Panama’s San Blas islands should opt for a day trip. These trips depart Panama City at 5:30-5.30am and include transport to Comarca of Kuna Yala (including passport control upon entry), boat ride, full lunch service and several hours on the beach.

Visit Guna Island and meet its native inhabitants – Guna people – as you get an exclusive tour of their villages, normally closed off to visitors. Additionally, learn more about their fascinating culture and traditions – an attraction for many travelers!

San Blas is an archipelago with more than 365 islands (one for each day of the year), yet only 49 are home to Kuna people, most featuring tiny beaches with palm trees while some contain larger communities complete with schools, churches, and homes.

Note that while these islands technically belong to Panama, Kuna people run them as independent territories. As a result, most of the income generated through tourism goes directly back into local communities for things such as education and healthcare costs. Tourists appreciate that Guna people set their own rules concerning tourism on these islands – one of the key aspects to consider before visiting.

Multi-Day Tours

Visit San Blas with ease via a day trip or overnight tour departing Panama City, usually including everything from transportation and accommodations on the islands to food (usually included), plus extra money for souvenirs such as coconuts, handmade molas, drinks and Guna Yala territory entrance fees ($22 USD).

Booking a day tour online with any one of several companies allows you to plan an unforgettable trip. They usually pick you up between 5:00-5.30am, take you to port, then hop aboard a boat for 30 minutes to your first island where you’ll spend your day swimming, snorkeling and relaxing before enjoying an included lunch service from some companies that switch your location every few hours so that you get a true taste of what San Blas Islands has to offer.

Book a private ToursByLocals tour to escape the crowds and travel with an English-speaking guide who can provide insight into Guna culture as you explore San Blas Islands hidden gems. Additionally, customize your tour with their favorite activities or add extras such as stargazing tours or kayak adventures!


The San Blas Islands offer the pristine tropical paradise you’ve always desired. Towering palm trees swaying in the breeze, picture-perfect white sand beaches that stretch far and wide and crystal-clear water that sparkles like an aquarium–they all await you here. While infrastructure on these remote islands may be limited, tour companies typically take care of all accommodation and transport requirements so that you can simply sit back, relax, and take in its stunning sights!

These islands form part of Comarca de Kuna Yala–an independent indigenous territory on Panama’s Caribbean coast–and are home to an unmistakably unique culture. The Guna people are famous for their cuisine, handicrafts and colorful clothing which you can buy directly from locals during your visit. You can immerse yourself into this vibrant society by visiting villages on these pristine archipelagos as well as engaging with its residents.

For optimal viewing of the San Blas Islands, visitors should plan their visit between May and September, which marks the dry season when rainfall is less frequent. But these gorgeous islands remain stunning year-round – you should just be prepared for more precipitation if visiting in October through November when storms often strike! To prepare yourself, bring waterproof hiking shoes and an umbrella, as well as book with a tour company offering luggage storage services in Panama City so your belongings will remain safely secured during your exploration of these stunning islands.


San Blas Islands can offer an idyllic getaway from urban life. Their pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and indigenous culture will leave you feeling revitalized. However, keep in mind that the islands may be less modern than you are used to; food options typically consist of fried items, seafood and carbs so it is recommended that you pack snacks as well as plenty of water with you.

To experience the San Blas Islands most efficiently and conveniently, most travelers opt for day tours from Panama City hotels to the port and then onto speedboats destined to bring them out to these stunning islands. These trips offer excellent value if time is of the essence during your vacation.

While visiting the San Blas Islands, you will have an incredible opportunity to interact with and learn more about Kuna culture and traditions. The islands are fully managed by native Kuna tribe, who prevent mass tourism from harming them – keeping their lands healthy and unspoiled. While on these stunning islands, take time out for strolling along their gorgeous white-sand beaches and admiring stunning coral formations; bring along some reef-safe sunscreen as most generic ones contain chemicals which could potentially harm marine life.

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