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Exploring Panama Luxury Hotels Market

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Panama now offers luxury hotels that are environmentally sustainable, creatively designed, and community minded – setting themselves apart from package deal tourists.

Waldorf Astoria’s debut into Latin America comes with all the elegance you expect from such an esteemed brand.

Luxury Resorts

Panama is becoming an emerging luxury travel hub, boasting hotels and resorts to cater to affluent visitors. Panama City features hotels with old-world charm – Waldorf Astoria makes its debut into Latin America while Casco Viejo houses American Trade Hotel for an intimate boutique experience.

La Compania Hotel epitomizes Panama vibrant cultural melting pot like no other hotel can; dating back to its foundation as a Jesuit convent in 1688. Built over time with three additions honoring its cultural roots – from 1730s-era French section and colonial Spanish room from 1600s, to 1910s American room – La Compania captures this diverse city perfectly.

Panama is an exquisite luxury destination that remains accessible to travelers on all budgets. A seven-day package including international airfare, meals and five-star accommodation costs less than $1,400.

Once you’ve established yourself as a base, take your time exploring Panama City, island hopping or mountaineering for more laidback experiences. Additionally, there are many wildlife attractions throughout Panama that provide visitors with up close views of wildlife such as serpentariums which showcase all types of snakes as well as lessons in how they should be handled.

Luxury Hotels

Hotel La Compania captures Panama’s rich cultural history like no other hotel can, providing guests with luxurious living at its heart in Casco Viejo. Opened in 2022, this lavish space consists of three separate buildings constructed throughout four centuries with each section featuring its own distinct cultural flair; guests staying here can take advantage of amenities including an open-air rooftop pool and library for their stay.

Panama’s flourishing tourism sector has spurred the establishment of luxury hotels. Avenida Balboa in Panama City features tropical vegetation and glittering glass high-rises lined with luxury properties that attract discerning travelers from across the globe. And this fall, Panama will welcome another famous hotel chain as they open Sofitel Legend Casco Viejo Panama – their inaugural North and Central American property!

At first, beach resorts outside Panama City typically targeted budget-minded travellers. But as Panama’s luxury market flourishes, this trend has begun to change – expect to see an increasing number of upscale options spring up in Bocas del Toro, Boquete and the San Blas Islands; many will offer customized experiences without crowds of package tour tourists.

Luxury Cruises

Panama has long been recognized for its beautiful beaches and lush rainforests, but recently has emerged as an elegant travel destination. Thanks to an increasing number of luxury hotels and resorts, luxury travelers are finding it easier than ever before to experience an exceptional five-star vacation in this bridge between Americas.

Panama’s tourism industry is currently undergoing a transformation to better meet consumer demands. By emphasizing sustainable practices, Panama is drawing eco-conscious travelers searching for authentic experiences.

New luxury hotels across the United States provide guests with all they need for an enjoyable trip, from full-service spa facilities to cutting-edge tech amenities. These hotels have it all covered.

Many of Panama City new luxury hotels can be found there, which has emerged as an international financial center and boasts a vibrant population. Panama City hosts an array of luxurious hotels from independent local upscale establishments to global chains such as Waldorf Astoria.

Panama’s latest luxury hotels can be found both within city limits and on islands or resort communities. Many are built around golf courses and offer various outdoor activities; others focus on offering healthy living through wellness programs, fitness centers and spa services; some hotels even specialize in experiential travel with culinary events and dining experiences.

Luxury Excursions

Panama has quickly earned worldwide renown as an attractive travel destination, boasting beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant urban centers. To capitalize on its growing appeal as a travel destination, its hospitality industry is currently undergoing major reform to meet modern travelers’ expectations of sustainable travel while protecting its natural and cultural heritage.

From a hotel perspective, this involves providing immersive experiences that highlight Panama’s distinctive culture and history. Many luxury hotels in Panama go beyond offering rooms and restaurants; they foster community spirit by organizing local excursions that promote eco-tourism.

One of our favorite new Panama luxury hotels is an old social club transformed into an exquisite cultural getaway, while still honoring its historic roots. Another is Sofitel Legend which blends together Panama’s Spanish and French colonial past in its design while giving guests access to Panama’s most breathtaking rainforest and ocean sights.

Islas Secas, owned by billionaire Louis Bacon of Moore Capital and located off of Panama City’s coast, stands out as an eco-friendly hotel by using 100% solar power for energy production and recycling all water waste into gardens and grounds for reuse. Furthermore, staff and guests at Islas Secas receive education in eco-friendly practices in order to promote eco-friendly behavior among guests and staff alike.

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