how to plan a panama vacation during the holidays

How to Plan a Panama Vacation During the Holidays

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Panama is generally safe for touristy areas; however, like any place, it is wise to exercise caution and take some basic safeguards in order to protect both yourself and your belongings. When you plan a Panama vacation, it’s essential to consider booking accommodations and activities in advance to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.

Panama’s culture is an engaging blend of indigenous heritage, Spanish influences, and global cosmopolitanism. Visit Embera tribes to gain insight into their traditions and customs or explore the Casco Viejo district – two great opportunities for discovery!

1. Book Your Accommodations Early

Holiday season tourism in Panama reaches its highest levels during this season, with travelers from North America and Europe looking to escape colder climates with beach vacations; locals also take vacations around this time. As such, accommodation and transport prices increase drastically so it is wise to book early!

No matter where you choose to stay in Panama – from Panama City’s vibrant capital or small villages on the Azuero Peninsula – most hotels and hostels will be fully booked during this period. If possible, try to secure accommodation with kitchenettes (known as “aparthotel”) so you can prepare meals yourself and save money.

Tours and excursions tend to increase during the holidays, particularly if you plan on visiting some of Panama’s iconic sites like the iconic Panama Canal. Be sure to book a sailing time slot well in advance if this is something that interests you!

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) strongly suggests vaccinations against hepatitis A & B, typhoid fever, yellow fever and malaria before traveling. You can obtain these vaccines from either your doctor or travel clinic. It’s also wise to bring mosquito repellent containing DEET; mosquitoes may pose problems throughout Panama; however they tend not to be as aggressive as in other Latin American countries.

2. Book Your Flights Early

Panamanians take their holidays very seriously. Every February, shops and restaurants close for five solid days to commemorate Carnival (Carnaval de Panama), while Semana Santa (Easter Week) follows suit in March. If traveling during these holiday periods, be sure to book flights well in advance, as domestic flights tend to fill quickly with passengers requiring round-trip tickets quickly adding up in price.

Christmas in Panama is a major holiday, with houses decorated with lights. People typically celebrate by hosting family dinners early and then heading out for drinks and clubbing later in the night. New Year’s is more family-oriented but still includes many parties!

Panama enchants visitors with its vibrant cities, stunning stretches of beach, and wild landscape that’s ideal for adventure tourism. However, Panama may not be one of Central America’s cheapest countries – expect to pay more here than Mexico or Costa Rica – which means purchasing a WiFi hotspot could help bring down costs significantly and stay connected during your visit – such devices allow GPS apps, email check and messaging as well as staying in contact with friends from back home while away – saving costly local data roaming charges at least!

3. Book Your Tours Early

Based on your desired activities and excursions, it may be prudent to select them prior to departing Panama. This is particularly useful when traveling as part of a group or family – all members must agree on what to see and do during their vacation.

Contact a travel specialist who understands the country well to select the most memorable activities during your trip. A tour of the Panama Canal is one of the world’s greatest feats of modern engineering; moreover, its magnificence leaves visitors speechless!

Panama’s rainforests are among the top tourist attractions awaiting you when you plan a Panama vacation. Explore these lush landscapes through invigorating activities like hiking or wildlife safaris. Immerse yourself in its rich history and culture with informative guided tours, visit indigenous communities, and seize the opportunity to witness the captivating mating rituals of humpback whales and bottlenosed/spotted dolphins in the Pacific Ocean.

Decide the ideal time and date for your Panama vacation based on what activities and sights are most appealing, as well as when you can break free from work. Peak season runs from December through Easter, providing optimal conditions for outdoor pursuits. Shoulder season, which extends from August through November, can provide savings while reducing crowds; rain may still occur so make plans ahead for activities.

4. Book Your Activities Early

Panama may be best known for its canal, but there’s much more to it than just that! When you plan a Panama vacation, you’ll discover a thin isthmus in Central America boasting wild flora and fauna, along with miles of unspoiled coastline bordering both oceans.

From the charming Casco Antiguo adorned with flower-decorated balconies to the vibrant nightlife of Panama City, not forgetting the allure of Bocas del Toro Islands, Boqueron Mountains, and the cloud forests of Soberania National Park, where sloths and other exotic creatures thrive, there’s an abundance of exploration awaiting your Panama vacation!

Expect many hotels, restaurants and transport services to close during holidays in Panama; especially Christmas and New Year’s Eve when locals usually celebrate with family time early on and parties later on.

Travel will still be possible with some careful planning, though your options may be more limited and some activities require booking well in advance. In particular, wildlife enthusiasts looking to visit Gatun Lake and Soberania National Park for wildlife treks should book these activities well in advance; otherwise you can explore the rest of the country by foot, bus tour operator, self-drive or self-guided holiday!

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