Isla Taboga Panama City's Island Oasis

Isla Taboga – Panama City’s Island Oasis

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Taboga Island, commonly known as the Island of Flowers, boasts lush blooms of bougainvillea, hibiscus and jasmine for an island getaway from Panama City’s hustle-bustle streets. Just a short ferry ride away lies this sleepy village adorned with colorful buildings and roaming chickens lining its streets – ideal for strolling adventures!

Isla Taboga is best explored during its dry season from December to April; however, rainy seasons from May through November can still provide enjoyable excursions if visitors don’t mind occasional showers.


Isla Taboga has played an integral part in Panamanian history and is famed for its picturesque beaches. Renowned French impressionist Paul Gaugin found solace there twice! Now accessible day trips from Panama City, this Pacific side island features great hiking opportunities and picturesque beaches – plus its charming town with small-town feel makes an excellent day trip.

Playa Restinga, the main beach on the island, attracts most visitors during the dry season. Clean, safe for swimming and boasting soft white sand, it features vendors offering umbrella rentals and beach mat rentals; locals frequent this beach on weekends when locals flock there too – often making for an exciting visit!

Other beaches on the island are worth exploring as well, particularly Playa El Toro with its rugged and cliffy terrain – it provides the ideal environment for snorkelers looking to discover marine life!

To reach Isla Taboga easily and affordably, the easiest method is via ferry service from Sea Las Perlas or Amador Causeway; these ferries depart near Frank Gehry’s Biomuseo on Amador Causeway. Water taxis may also provide faster and more convenient travel; these costs vary.


Isla Taboga is well known for its beaches, but also offers several hiking trails that lead along its rugged coast with breathtaking views of both Panama City and its bay.

At the center of these trails is a breathtaking 20-foot waterfall that cascades into a small pool of blue water below, covered with lush ferns and vines to form a natural amphitheater.

There are also other challenging hikes on the island, but they are not suitable for beginners. The popular and straightforward Trail to the Summit is one such choice; alternatively, a more difficult trek could lead you down a challenging rocky trail leading down from cliffs on its northern side of the island.

Isla Taboga offers several historical and cultural attractions. Within its town of Taboga you can visit Iglesia de San Pedro – Americas second oldest church! – as well as narrow streets offering restaurants and hotels.

Isla Taboga is an idyllic tropical escape, providing plenty of activities for couples as well as families alike – from swimming and snorkeling to relaxing beachfront dining experiences and renting golf carts or water taxis for easy travel around the island.


Isla Taboga is one of the favorite escapes for Panama City residents, known as the ‘Island of Flowers” for its lush tropical vegetation and relaxing ambiance. Only 20 kilometers from Panama City, this charming retreat makes an excellent day trip or weekend escape with beautiful beaches, picturesque landscapes, and an easygoing atmosphere – ideal for an easygoing day trip or weekend escape!

Isla Taboga is home to a charming and lively village, offering restaurants, bars, souvenir shops and hotels. Palm trees, hibiscus flowers and jasmine give off an irresistibly pleasant scent that welcomes tourists. Although popular tourist destination, Isla Taboga remains home to an intimate community rooted in its tradition and values – many villagers make their livelihood through fishing while celebrating religious festivals all year-round.

Ferries offer the easiest route from Panama City to Isla Taboga. A number of companies operate services from Amador Causeway, such as Sea Las Perlas and Roka Ferry; prices average $20-25 USD round trip and it typically takes 30-45 minutes for journey time to arrive on the island.

Once on Isla Taboga, visitors can indulge in an assortment of water-based activities at its beach or pier. Relax at Playa Restinga during low tide before visiting Isla El Morro via sandbar connection at Playa Taboga – and do try fishing or kayaking or even book an eco-tour that will show you more of this beautiful island’s natural splendor!

Food & Drink

If you have a day to spare, take the ferry from Panama City (departing daily from Amador Causeway) directly to Taboga Island for an idyllic tropical escape from Panama City. Enjoy challenging hikes offering breath-taking vistas before strolling through colourful towns and sunbathing on one or more of Taboga’s best beaches!

At Calaloo, relax with a refreshing beverage or plate of seafood and fresh fried plantains at sunset if possible, so that you can take in views of both bay and bridge as well as charming seafront town.

Isla Taboga is an idyllic one-day escape just 20 kilometres outside Panama City. Boasting tropical landscape and lush flora, along with seafront boutique hotels and beach bars featuring only one road, it makes Isla Taboga feel like another world away. Popular with couples seeking a relaxing tropical escape, check updated government information regarding tourism safety here before visiting Isla Taboga; additionally consider hiring a private guide so as not to miss any of its highlights!

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