Shopping in Panama

Shopping in Panama: Your Ultimate Shopping Destination

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Shopping in Panama is an unforgettable experience. This Central American nation has quickly become an attractive shopping destination, with options to suit every taste and budget imaginable – from luxury boutiques to bustling markets – offering something for every shopper from fashion enthusiasts, souvenir collectors, bargain hunters and bargain-hunters. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at Panama’s diverse shopping scene and uncover the treasures that await us all.


Shopping in Panama can be an exhilarating experience that blends local culture with international brands and unique finds. With its strategic location and robust economy, Panama has become an international trading center, drawing products from across the world into its marketplace. Offering high-end fashion items such as haute couture clothing and traditional crafts as well as duty-free bargains; Panama provides a shopping paradise that caters to every taste and budget.

The Vibrant Shopping Districts of Panama City

Panama City is the capital and commercial center of Panama, boasting numerous lively shopping districts that cater to diverse tastes. Here are a few noteworthy areas for every shopper to discover in Panama City:

Luxury Shopping in Multiplaza Pacific Mall

Multiplaza Pacific Mall offers luxurious shopping for international brands at its elegant shopping destination. Boasting designer boutiques, high-end fashion labels, and exquisite jewelry stores with its elegant atmosphere and exclusive offerings, Multiplaza Pacific Mall serves those seeking luxury and refinement in one place.

Unique Finds in Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo, Panama City’s historic district, is a charming neighborhood that blends colonial architecture with contemporary flair. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Casco Viejo boasts an eclectic selection of shops, galleries and artisanal boutiques; handcrafted jewelry as well as local artwork can all be found here – offering visitors unique finds that capture Panama’s rich cultural history.

Trendy Fashion in Soho Mall

Soho Mall is an up-and-coming shopping destination designed to cater to fashion-conscious individuals. This modern small houses an impressive collection of international fashion brands from both established designers and up-and-coming labels alike – from clothing to accessories, Soho Mall is the place for style enthusiasts looking to stay ahead of trends.

Revealing Panama’s Indigenous Crafts

One of the many pleasures of shopping in Panama is discovering its indigenous crafts. These handcrafted treasures celebrate Panama’s cultural heritage and allow visitors to connect with local traditions. Here are two notable places where visitors can discover Panama’s indigenous crafts:

Traditional Markets of Panama 

Panama’s traditional markets are vibrant centers of activity, featuring an assortment of vibrant products ranging from handwoven textiles and intricate woodwork, all showcased through colorful traditional markets. Exploring these markets provides you with the opportunity to engage directly with artisans while supporting them while taking home unique works of art as souvenirs.

Embracing Artistry at the Diablo Rojo Artisan Market

The Diablo Rojo Artisan Market in Panama City offers an inspiring display of local artistry and craftsmanship. Offering handmade pottery, paintings, textiles and jewelry as souvenirs that showcase Panamanian artisans’ creativity is the heartbeat of this vibrant space.

Duty-Free Shopping at Colon Free Zone

Colon Free Zone is the go-to spot for avid shoppers in search of incredible savings. Situated near Panama Canal, this duty-free zone boasts one of the largest selections of tax-free products on offer anywhere. What sets it apart? Among many things:

An Opportunity for Bargain Hunters

Colon Free Zone is a treasure trove for bargain hunters, offering an incredible variety of goods at significantly reduced prices. Shoppers can find electronics and appliances alongside clothing and accessories at unbelievably discounted rates; its duty-free status offers visitors significant savings that make this an attractive shopping destination.

The Diversity of Products

Shopping at the Colon Free Zone offers many advantages, chief among them the wide selection of products offered. Serving as an international distribution hub, the zone provides goods from all corners of the globe that span various categories – be it electronics, fashion brands or household essentials – everything can be found right here!

Panama Malls Are Shopper Delight

Panama’s malls are known for their impressive size, varied offerings, and inviting shopping experiences. Here are two noteworthy malls worth exploring:

Albrook Mall: Retail Therapy Extravaganza

Albrook Mall is Panama largest shopping mall and one of the largest in America. Boasting over 700 stores ranging from international names to local merchants, Albrook Mall provides shoppers with plenty of retail therapy opportunities of all kinds – attracting both seasoned buyers as well as younger consumers looking for some retail therapy fun!

Metro Mall: An Oasis of Shopping and Entertainment

Metro Mall, situated in Panama City’s bustling heart, is an iconic shopping and entertainment complex known for its modern design and diverse retail options that make for an exciting shopping experience. Offering everything from fashion boutiques to electronics stores, Metro Mall ensures it caters to everyone’s individual preferences for an enjoyable visit.

Exploring Local Designers and Boutiques

Panama is an up-and-coming hub of local designers and boutique stores, giving shoppers the opportunity to discover one-of-a-kind pieces while contributing to Panama’s creative economy. Here are two ways you can explore Panama’s local design scene:

Supporting Panama’s Fashion Scene

Panama fashion scene is flourishing, featuring talented designers showing their creations at boutiques throughout the country. By visiting these shops, visitors can discover exclusive pieces that capture Panamanian style; from clothing to accessories, these stores provide a selection of designs that reflect Panama’s cultural influences.

Discovering Unique Creations

Panama’s local designers excel in various other areas as well, such as home decor, jewelry and art. Discover boutiques and galleries offering these distinctive creations that can allow you to add special pieces that add character and distinction to your living spaces – be it handcrafted vases or captivating paintings from these talented local creators! Panama offers an abundance of creative treasures.

Souvenirs and Keepsakes to Take Home

A visit to Panama would not be complete without taking home souvenirs and keepsakes that serve as lasting mementos of your trip. Here are two categories of items that make great choices:

Traditional Panamanian Crafts

Traditional Panamanian crafts represent the country’s cultural heritage in many forms. From intricately woven baskets and colorful Molas (handmade textiles), Panama hats, and pottery – choose these items as souvenirs from Panama not only to bring back home a piece of your visit but also to support local artisans & their time-honored traditions!

Indigenous Artifacts

Panama is home to numerous indigenous communities, each with their own distinct cultural identity. Artifacts from these communities such as masks crafted by hand or beaded jewelry displaying rituals offer insight into their rich traditions; by purchasing such artifacts you help maintain and support these ancient customs while showing appreciation for their artistic expressions.


Shopping in Panama provides a delightful blend of international brands, local craftsmanship, and unique finds. From luxury malls to bustling markets, Panama offers a diverse range of shopping experiences that cater to all preferences and budgets. Whether you’re seeking high-end fashion, traditional crafts, or duty-free bargains, Panama’s vibrant shopping scene is sure to leave you captivated. So pack your bags, embrace the thrill of retail therapy, and explore the wonders of shopping in Panama.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bargaining Common in Panama?

Bargaining is common in Panama, especially at local markets and smaller stores; it may not be so prevalent at larger malls and luxury boutiques.

Are credit cards widely accepted in Panama?

Yes, credit cards are widely accepted in Panama; however, it’s always wise to bring some cash along when shopping in smaller markets or local vendors.

What is the best time to go shopping in Panama?

The best time to go shopping in Panama is during the dry season, which typically spans from December to April. This period offers pleasant weather and fewer crowds, allowing you to enjoy a more relaxed shopping experience

Are there any restrictions on bringing items back home?

While there are no significant restrictions to bringing items back home, it is wise to familiarize yourself with any customs regulations or fees which might apply when returning products purchased abroad to their home countries. Before making purchases it would be advisable to check these guidelines first.

Where can I find the best deals on electronics in Panama?

Colon Free Zone offers some of the most attractive prices for electronics. Being duty-free often translates to significant savings on these and other high-ticket items.


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