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Top 5 Things to Do in Chiriqui, Panama Western Wonderland

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Panama Western Wonderland┬áprovides something for every adventurer – mountainous hiking trails and world-class scuba diving are both readily available here.

Chiriqui is an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts and culture vultures alike – here are our top five things to do in Chiriqui!

1. Hike Volcan Baru

Volcan Baru, part of Panama Western Wonderland, stands tall at an elevation of 11,400 feet, presenting seven craters and a volcanic landscape renowned for offering some of Central America’s most breathtaking views. For an optimal experience, if you plan on ascending this volcano at dawn for maximum pleasure, consider departing from Boquete and camping overnight before embarking on your journey.

Volcan is an idyllic coffee town situated amidst lush landscapes. This picturesque location boasts numerous small hotels, inns, and hostels that cater to hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, its natural surroundings offer ideal birding, rafting, snorkeling, and sport fishing experiences.

As Panama is famed for its vegetable production, its verdant fields and farms supply most of the nation’s fruits and vegetables from this fertile region. Furthermore, its cool climate is perfect for coffee farming – tours to local coffee farms such as Finca Dracula Orchid Nursery are highly recommended! Additionally, hiking the Los Quetzales Trail provides an exceptional way to explore this diverse ecosystem; passing through lush cloud forests full of birdsong, trickling water features, chirping animals, and an ever-present soundscape featuring rippling water features and singing birds will offer another fantastic perspective of this magnificent region’s biodiversity!

2. Hike the Pipeline Trail

Chiriqui in the southwestern province of Panama provides both breathtaking mountain air and stunning landscapes, featuring miles of deserted, unspoiled beaches lining its Pacific coastline, as well as adventures waiting just beyond Volcan Baru Mountains for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts.

Chiriqui offers thrilling whitewater rafting for any level of white-water adventurer, while families or those seeking relaxation may prefer more sedate Class II-III rapids on Majagua and Gariche Rivers.

At Gulf of Chiriqui Marine National Park, relaxation can be found through scuba diving and snorkeling, birdwatching tours of coffee farms and orchid farms, dips into local watering holes, day spa pampering sessions and leisurely strolls on deserted beaches – among many other popular pastimes.

3. Hike Las Golondrinas Waterfall

Boquete is the go-to place in Chiriqui for many visitors looking to experience its stunning mountain paradise, boasting cool climate, charming village shops and eateries, numerous outdoor excursions and activities and breathtaking vistas.

One of the top things to do in Boquete is hiking the Lost Waterfalls Trail, a short but popular path with most visitors who pay an entrance fee of $7 and are rewarded by three stunning waterfalls along their journey.

Starting on a lush rainforest trail within the Panama Western Wonderland, this path ascends the mountain ridge and unveils the breathtaking Las Golondrinas Waterfall – an awe-inspiring mammoth waterfall gracefully cascading over rocks into pools of mesmerizing hues of blue and green water.

This spectacular sight offers not just relaxation but also fantastic photography opportunities and revitalizing swims on clear days. From this vantage point, marvel at panoramic views encompassing both oceans along with neighboring Costa Rica and Nicaragua!

4. Hike Los Cangilones de Gualaca

Panama western wonderland has more than its fair share of beaches. On the Pacific side of the nation is Las Lajas beach area – popular among visitors from across Panama who flock there for relaxation and tanning with refreshing beverages in hand. While Las Lajas might be more touristy than other beaches within its borders, it remains an ideal place to spend an afternoon sunbathing while enjoying its charms.

Los Cangilones de Gualaca offers another wonderful beach option – Los Cangilones de Gualaca is located within the Esti River Canyon Slot, creating a natural pool where swimmers can take a refreshing dip or even attempt cliff jumping. Locals and visitors alike visit this spot frequently to relax, swim and socialise – it has quickly become one of the region’s top spots.

Chiriqui Panama offers plenty of kayaking spots for an exciting water activity: those seeking adventure should try some of the more mild Class II-III rapids in Gariche and Majagua rivers; for a truly exhilarating whitewater experience head towards Boquete’s more intense class V sections.

5. Visit David

The Highlands boasts an entrancing microclimate that produces stunning floral displays and world-class coffee bean production, offering tours to witness this process and taste some delicious coffee brew. If you prefer adventure over coffee tasting, white-water rafting and zip-line rainforest rides may provide thrills as well. Plus there is Volcan Baru nearby along with Parque Internacional La Amistad’s cloud forests where rare quetzals might just make an appearance!

Sendero Los Quetzales trail connects two major Highlands communities of Cerro Punta and Boquete. Renowned for its stunning beauty, birding opportunities (including possibly seeing our national bird, the quetzal), this trail has long been a tourist attraction.

David, the second-largest city in Panama, serves as the provincial hub. As such, it boasts both IPAT and ANAM offices, hospitals, banks, restaurants, post offices, supermarkets, internet cafes, and rental car agencies. Moreover, hotels and rental homes situated throughout its western end offer convenient access for day trips to enchanting sites like Volcan Baru or the mesmerizing Isla Coiba in the heart of Panama Western Wonderland.

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