Visit the Amador Causeway in Panama City

Visit the Amador Causeway in Panama City

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If you’re staying for several days in Panama City, the Amador Causeway, often hailed as one of the city’s top attractions, provides an ideal route for bicyclists. This picturesque area features international gardens as well as bike lanes and sports fields – perfect for cycling!

Jogging enthusiasts love this location with its refreshing ocean breeze providing relief from tropical heat. In addition, there are numerous restaurants boasting panoramic Pacific Ocean sunset views.

1. Biomuseo

Frank Gehry, famed architect of Bilbao’s Guggenheim Museum, created this world-class museum that displays how Panama’s narrow isthmus has altered our planet through natural history and biodiversity. Eight galleries cover everything from how land rose through sea level rise to species encountering each other due to the newly created connectivity – all this housed within an intriguing building designed by Gehry that looks like multicolored origami!

Mongabay highlights that the museum aims to educate Panamanians about its rich biodiversity, foster national pride and foster conservation efforts through awareness raising campaigns, and instil a sense of responsibility among its people. To achieve these objectives, the museum plans on bussing in over 40,000 local students each year and offering teacher training sessions so as to maximize each visit’s impact.

Find the Biomuseo near Amador’s southern entrance and a quick taxi ride from Casco Viejo should cost no more than $3-$5 one way (it is wise to agree on a price before entering as Panamanian taxis do not use meters). There should also be plenty of cabs around when you want a return trip when needed.

Highlights of the museum include Galleries 2, 3, and 5, each dedicated to geological formation, wildlife in Panama and aquarium-style displays of how ocean life changed after continents split apart, as well as garden exhibits featuring native plant species. Furthermore, The Human Path exhibit features 16 thick glass columns which show how different cultures have had an impactful role in shaping Panama’s environment over time.

2. Miraflores Visitors Center

As one of Panama Canal traveler’s must-sees, this reclaimed area of land serves as a breathtaking tribute to one of humanity’s great engineering achievements: the Panama Canal. Situated at its Pacific entrance, its causeway connects three small islands (Naos, Perico and Flamenco) to Panama City via Avenue Amador which features bike lanes and clean sidewalks – perfect for strolling.

Biomuseo, designed by Frank Gehry and situated along a series of walking and biking paths, stands as Panama’s centerpiece attraction. Here you will find eight galleries dedicated to Panamanian geology, natural history and diverse cultures that display Panama’s geology, natural history and diverse culture exhibits.

Visitors of the Panama Canal also have unparalleled front row seats for witnessing massive ships enter and exit its waters, learning all about its fascinating history through an IMAX film narrated by Morgan Freeman and exploring biodiversity gardens with native Panamanian plants.

The Bay of Panama is a favorite spot to catch sunrises and sunsets, especially as the sun dips beneath the waters. Watching it fade is stunning; an ideal way to end a day spent exploring Panama City before heading back home or another destination. Or visit this splendid attraction as part of a Panama Canal Tour package, including transportation between visitor center and this incredible attraction.

3. Mercado de Mariscos

No visit to the causeway would be complete without stopping at Mercado de Mariscos near Casco Viejo’s entrance, one of the city’s premier seafood markets where you can purchase fresh fish as well as sample regional delicacies such as empanadas and ceviche.

Are you in search of a quick workout? The Amador Causeway’s paved paths offer runners an ideal environment for quick jogs during morning and evening runs due to the refreshing Panamanian breeze counteracting daytime heat.

Be active while taking in the scenery by renting bikes on the causeway – there are ample bike lanes, making renting easy from numerous shops and vendors along its length – with daily rentals costing about $5 USD per day.

The Biomuseo, located along Amador Causeway and designed by starchitect Frank Gehry, serves as an iconic landmark of Panama City. Visitors will learn about how Panama reshaped world through fascinating galleries and biodiversity gardens that highlight native plant species.

As you stroll the causeway, keep an eye out on the water to spot container ships transiting the Panama Canal and ferries departing for Pearl Islands. And don’t miss your chance to witness an unforgettable sunset on the bay; its spectacular vistas include glass-and-steel skyscrapers from New City as well as Casco Viejo’s tiled rooftops lining both sides.

4. Bridge of the Americas

The Panama Canal is one of the greatest engineering feats ever constructed. You can learn about its history at Miraflores Visitors Center or take a guided tour around its locks, or simply stroll along nearby Amador Causeway and appreciate this man-made marvel.

This 3-mile stretch of clean sidewalks and bike lanes runs along the entrance of Panama Canal and features palm trees, lush grass, and dark rocks lining its path. It provides some of the best views of city, particularly around sunset time.

One of the most enjoyable activities on Amador is island hopping by either ferry or foot to Saboga, Contadora, and Flamenco islands. This activity provides a fantastic way to spend more time outside while viewing different aspects of the Panama Canal from different vantage points while getting away from Panama City’s hustle and bustle.

The Bridge of the Americas is another iconic Panamanian landmark; an elegant steel cantilever bridge once known as Thatcher Ferry Bridge after Maurice H Thatcher proposed its creation. Now a key link on Pan-American Highway and located 201 feet above Pacific Ocean waters, offering panoramic views of Panama City skyline and Canal traffic below.

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