Top Ten Expat-Friendly Areas of Panama City

Top Ten Expat-Friendly Areas of Panama City

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Panama City, the vibrant capital of Panama, is an alluring location for expatriates seeking a welcoming and culturally diverse environment to settle. Boasting modern infrastructure and beautiful landscapes, Panama City provides several neighbourhoods specifically tailored to meeting expat needs and preferences. This article will examine Panama City’s top ten expat-friendly areas, exploring their features and advantages.


Panama City is famous for its skyscrapers, historical landmarks and vibrant cultural scene – all hallmarks of excellence for expatriates living abroad. Furthermore, living costs are relatively affordable while climate conditions offer ideal living conditions – offering excellent quality of life with favourable living costs and climate conditions for expats living here. Here are the top ten expat-friendly areas in Panama City offering convenient amenities as well as welcoming environments for living overseas.

  1. Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo, more commonly referred to as Old Town, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site offering charming colonial architecture, charming cafes and boutique hotels, lively nightlife scenes and an energetic expat community. Expats living here can take pleasure from its rich history, cultural events and proximity to tourist attractions.

  1. Punta Pacifica

Punta Pacifica is an upscale neighbourhood known for its luxurious high-rise condominiums and waterfront views, along with being home to the acclaimed Punta Pacifica Hospital affiliated with Johns Hopkins Medicine International; making this area an attractive option for expats seeking top-of-the-line healthcare facilities.

  1. Costa del Este

Costa del Este is a modern residential area featuring a well-designed infrastructure. This vibrant community includes residential towers, single-family homes, shopping malls and recreational spaces for its 5,000 residents residing there. Expats living here enjoy family-friendly environments close to schools as well as quick access to the financial district.

  1. San Francisco

San Francisco is an attractive neighbourhood among expats due to its central location and diverse amenities, which includes residential and commercial areas with restaurants, shopping centres, and entertainment options nearby. Being so close to Panama City’s centre makes this location even more suitable.

  1. El Cangrejo 

El Cangrejo, also known as “the Crab”, is an energetic neighbourhood popular for its lively nightlife and diverse culinary scene. Expats who live here enjoy its bohemian ambience featuring numerous bars, cafes, and international restaurants as well as affordable housing options and easy public transit access.

  1. Bella Vista 

Bella Vista is an energetic neighbourhood known for its mix of residential and commercial areas, home to many restaurants, art galleries and shopping centres. Expats residing here can enjoy its vibrant social life, cultural events and proximity to the world-famous Cinta Costera waterfront promenade.

  1. Albrook 

Albrook is an idyllic neighbourhood situated near both the Panama Canal and Metropolitan Natural Park, providing residents with peaceful living conditions with lush greenery and outdoor recreation activities. Expats living here can enjoy closeness to nature while still having convenient access to city centres.

  1. Punta Paitilla 

Punta Paitilla is an affluent neighbourhood known for its luxury high-rise apartments with panoramic ocean views. Expats living here can enjoy access to upscale shopping malls and fine dining restaurants, not forgetting its closeness to Multicentro – Panama City’s premier shopping complex.

  1. Clayton

Clayton is an idyllic residential area located close to both nature and an ex-US military base, boasting ample green spaces, walking trails and international schools – ideal for expats seeking peace. Expats living here can enjoy living close to both nature and educational facilities while living an independent lifestyle.

  1. Conclusion

Panama City boasts an extensive variety of expat-friendly areas, each boasting their own distinct advantages and charm. No matter if you prefer historic surroundings, waterfront living or urban surroundings – Panama City has something for you. When selecting your ideal expat-friendly neighbourhood in Panama City take into account lifestyle preferences, proximity to amenities and healthcare/education facilities when making your selection.


Is Panama City a safe place for expatriates?

Panama City enjoys a low crime rate when compared to other major cities in its region; nonetheless, as in any urban environment it’s wise to take necessary precautions and exercise caution in any given environment.

Are there international schools available in these expat-friendly areas?

Yes, Panama City boasts many expat-friendly areas that boast top international schools that cater to the unique needs of expatriate families.

What is the cost of living like in Panama City?

Panama City tends to offer lower living costs than major American and European cities. However, your individual expenses may differ depending on your lifestyle choices and preferences.

Do I need to learn Spanish to live in Panama City?

Although knowing some Spanish can be useful in daily interactions, expats in Panama City may make due with speaking English instead. The city has an international culture; English is widely spoken among tourists and businesses.

What are the residency options for expatriates in Panama?

Panama provides several residency options to expatriates, including the Pensionado Visa, Friendly Nations Visa, and Self-Economic Solvency Visa – each of which have specific requirements and benefits for expats residing there.

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